Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Week of November

I got in two decent jogs while I was in Santa Barbara, California.  My heart rate is still much higher than it used to be, and my ankle bothers me, but I am determined to make a go of it.  The first jog was done on Tuesday afternoon.

The second jog out there was done Friday morning.  It was actually too hot Thursday afternoon ... like upper 80s!  So, I got out there and it was around 50°, much preferable.  I accomplished another first - crashing.  My left foot got stuck behind an invisible "speed bump", so I hopped on my right foot, and went down like a ton o' bricks.  I took most of the impact on my right palm, and had little grill marks on my lower right leg.  Good thing I'm not a cyclist!  Oh, and of course this happens four minutes into the 35 minute jog.  (Oh wait, I was a cyclist and that's when I drove off a cliff and broke my elbow.)

Finally, on Sunday the 7th, I talked Elaine (age 8) into a little fun run with me.  We did 1.3 km, which is a distance record for her.  She sure can talk a lot while she's running.  "I'm tired!", "Oh, look at the birds!", "How much longer?", "Cute doggie!" ... you get the idea.


  1. Dave! I'm so glad to see you back in the blog world! Thanks for the comment on the 10k--I'm hoping to get my speed up so I can run a half in April maybe (since they come by and pick you up with a bus if you aren't going to make the 2:45:00 cut off). ick.

    Is your foot hurting every time you run now?

  2. Nice to see you around again... And damn that looks like a nasty spill. I have been fortunate as of late.. no more injuries. Keep at it though, you will come out ahead in the long run ;-)

  3. Haha yeah, that monster had quite the shoulders!

    I hear you about the food!!! The holidays are killer! Now if only I could make myself go for a run!

  4. It's been a while, are you still out there? Hope the new year is treating you well so far!
    I was wondering if I could beg a favor. I may be passing through DC in a few weeks and will need to cram as much monument seeing in as I can in a short amount of time. I was wondering if you could email me directions to get to a parking area for that fantastic route you posted a while back. Or if you have any other suggestions I'm all ears. Thanks!
    stargazer_studio @

  5. Hey Dave,
    You still around?? Still running??

    Hope all is well with you!!