Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Week of November

I got in two decent jogs while I was in Santa Barbara, California.  My heart rate is still much higher than it used to be, and my ankle bothers me, but I am determined to make a go of it.  The first jog was done on Tuesday afternoon.

The second jog out there was done Friday morning.  It was actually too hot Thursday afternoon ... like upper 80s!  So, I got out there and it was around 50°, much preferable.  I accomplished another first - crashing.  My left foot got stuck behind an invisible "speed bump", so I hopped on my right foot, and went down like a ton o' bricks.  I took most of the impact on my right palm, and had little grill marks on my lower right leg.  Good thing I'm not a cyclist!  Oh, and of course this happens four minutes into the 35 minute jog.  (Oh wait, I was a cyclist and that's when I drove off a cliff and broke my elbow.)

Finally, on Sunday the 7th, I talked Elaine (age 8) into a little fun run with me.  We did 1.3 km, which is a distance record for her.  She sure can talk a lot while she's running.  "I'm tired!", "Oh, look at the birds!", "How much longer?", "Cute doggie!" ... you get the idea.