Saturday, August 14, 2010

L11 Day 15 - More Melodrama

Okay, it's been awhile since I have posted.  It has also been awhile since I have been jogging.  But, that last jog I had was pretty sweet - out in California near Santa Barbara with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s.  I set a best 10km time, and I wasn't really working very hard.  It was so chilly, my heart rate monitor couldn't complete a circuit through me on that first quarter mile.

In all, I jogged 6.75 miles.  I did the first 2 miles with a friend at work, Brad.  He's ridiculously young and in shape, but was very nice to plod along with me for a bit.  Then he got bored and ran back to the hotel at a considerably faster pace. He ended up doing 4.25 I think, which is a distance record for him.  I think that's the first time I actually went jogging with another person.  Such a lovely flat route out there!

Sweet Jogging Trail

Goleta Beach

I got my 10km time down under 1:10 for the first time at 1:09:41.

The neatest thing is that I wasn't working awfully hard.  My heart rate was in the 140s, my breathing was easy.  I had the whole week in California to get in fast 5K run, and basically clock another 18 miles.  (I was in a July mileage contest and would have placed second, darn it!)  But when I tried to jog the next day, I couldn't.  After about three steps, my left ankle made me limp and hurt so bad, that I just walked back to the hotel.  It's been two and a half weeks now, and it isn't one iota better.  So, I'll be going for help.  My aim is to go to a foot and ankle medical doctor who is also a runner.  I hope they can fix me up, because I've been turning into a hobby-less slug.


  1. Dave, I've been wondering where you were. So sorry to hear you've been injured. Hope you'll get fixed up quickly.

  2. Hey how did the visit to the doc go? I know injuries can be very frustrating... I was the same hobby-less slug there for a bit. However there is hope, you can bounce back. I am working my way back up now ;-)... Let us know how things went...

  3. False advertising- it's been INsufficiently melodramatic here recently! Hope your ankle has improved and you are on the mend.

  4. where are you Dave? we miss you..... are you running again?