Saturday, July 17, 2010

L11 Day 8 & 9 - STOP-N-GO

Well, on occasion I STOP during a run with all the heat and humidity - and Thursday was no exception.  But today (Saturday), I was able to GO the distance.

Thursday's Jog

I just tooled around the neighborhood for four miles.  It was dusk when I got back home.  There was actually a slight breeze, and during my walking break I got a creepy cool/clammy feeling.  Jogging the 1.25 miles back home was easy.  Always easier when the direction is homeward.  It was 85° with 72% humidity. 

Saturday's Jog

I didn't really pop off the pillow on this morning, and I decided to jog a little bit later in the morning: 8 AM.  I went back to Burke Lake for the first time in 2.5 months.  If you are ever nearby, I encourage you to check it out (link).  The temperature started at 80° with 80% humidity.

At about 2.5 miles in, I started arguing with myself a bit over whether or not to take a little walk break.  I won the argument, and jogged all the way around the lake.  My legs and breathing were always comfortable, but it was around that time (2.5 miles) that my hat began a nice steady drip.  The drip always seemed to hit my right hand.  There were a ton of people jogging and walking around out there.  And, jogging through the trees around the lake is very pleasant.  I shouldn't have waited 2.5 months to be back out here.  But the reason I waited is that I had taken a walk break out here and had felt kind of jinxed.  But, this time, I took it easy and talked myself into a jog I could be content with.  Here is a history of my outings to Burke Lake:

As you can see, I went faster this time - and I most certainly was not trying to be faster.  The first three April sessions were done in the mid-50s; the 4/18 jog was at 72°; and the 5/1 jog was at 83° but the humidity was only 45%.  And lastly, my heart rate was only 146 on average.  That's right where I want it.

I jogged five days this week, and racked up 21.2 miles.  One highlight was jogging across the Wilson Bridge from Virginia to Maryland, and the other was my successful reunion at Burke Lake.

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