Saturday, July 10, 2010

L11 Days 3 & 4 - Five Oranges Each Day

This picture will be explained at the bottom of this post ...

Yesterday's jog was brutal.  It was only 72°, but 93% humidity.  I jogged 2.5 miles, then walked 0.5 miles, and jogged the remaining mile home.  I really have to work a lot harder in these conditions.  Sweating doesn't cool me off, so my body says "No problem, I'll just sweat more!"  It just makes me feel sick-like.

Today's jog went a little better.  I had to start later, because it was extra dark this morning due to the rainy overcast.  I suppose this was the first real rain I've jogged in.  It made things different enough and "epic" enough, that I was able to go a bit over four miles without stopping.  But, when I stopped jogging, I had to sit on the porch a few minutes to make sure I wasn't going to be sick.  My before weight was 191.5 and afterwards it was 188.5 - and the after weight was fully clothed sans shoes.

One thing I find interesting is that my average pace is identical at 12:07 per mile - even though the courses were different, and even though I had an "off-the-record" walking break yesterday.  I'm okay with that pace in these conditions.  Hopefully I can acclimate, and continue to see cardio improvements, if not distance or pace improvements.

Okay, about those oranges.

After all these high humidity runs in the neighborhood, I drip down into the basement's bathroom to become human again.  I separate the compression liner from the shorts, and sling it over the shower curtain rod.  After they've hung there a minute or two, I can grab the compression-liner-side and the outer-shorts side and milk them like cow thingies for about five oranges worth.  Isn't that picturesque?  Can't you just hear it splattering on the tub below? Isn't that just incredibly gross?  Okay, sorry folks.  But, if I say I had a 'five oranges' run in the future, I won't have to explain it!

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