Thursday, January 28, 2010

Level One

~ Athletic Character Statistics ~

Age: 44
Weight: 204.5
Cholesterol: Yes
Pulse: Variable, but less scary
Gear: Newbie+

In role playing games, one moves up levels very rapidly at the beginning - even with modest accomplishments.  And with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of integers, I can't find much fault in that.

In virtue of attaining this status, I'm entitled to acquire some running-related bling.  I chose a book recommended by the good folks at C25K Forums called Chi Running.  It can be found here.  I bought the Kindle edition, and if I explained how dearly I loved my Kindle, it would take a different blog.

Conveniently, a celebration had been planned well in advance.  So, Tami and I arranged for a babysitter and we had a night out on the town.  There were about twelve hundred people at this formal event.  I was the only guy whose tuxedo had tails.  It's ashame that those other six hundred men were so deplorably out of fashion.  And, seeing that I'm the alpha male yet again, I'm forced to move my high-powered manager character up to level twelve.

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