Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stride Videos

I'm running 5.3 mph at 0% incline with a heel-toe stride.  After about 80 seconds, my left shin was flaring up again.  I thought my breathing would be the big limitation.  Instead, I have an uncoorperative left leg.  Based on counting several times, I estimate 76 strides per minute, where according to Chi Running it should be 85 to 90.

Here, I am landing on the balls of my feet.  I speed it up to 5.3 mph, then 6.5, and then 7.6.  My shins don't bother me.  After I get her slowed down to 3.3 I elect to ride off the end.  It didn't go as gracefully as planned and I am glad the basement is carpeted.


  1. Wow you run fast compared to me. But I'm only 5'2", my treadmill at the gym is set on 3.6 mph. Maybe your legs cover more distance. I found the first time I ran with my Lab, I went faster and had trouble finishing and my poor old knees hurt. I'm working on endurance now, speed will come in the second nine weeks. I hope.

    WagTheDog from the c25k forum

  2. Sue - Yes, but I was laughing, so I will classify it as a stunt. After slowing from 7.6, 3.3 felt awfully slow. Turns out it was still much faster than the carpet.

    Splash - My typical pace is 5.3 mph, but several have suggested that I slow down. And they might be right - my legs haven't quite been able to cash the check my lungs have written. If that makes any sense.