Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 1 Day 2

My drumsticks were a bit tender this time, but I made it through more comfortably than last time.  (W1D2 and W1D1 are the same routine.)  I will admit that I had a few doubts yesterday but I got advice and encouragement from a few folks that really made the difference:

     Don (C25K forums):  Don has more years and pounds than I do - and he's in Week 7!

W1D1 turned out to be a wake-up call and my quads wanted to hit the snooze button.  I asked folks if I was just too damn old and out of shape for this program.  With Don's example I could say "Hey, quads, there is no snooze button on a wake-up call!"  Thanks Don, and congratulations on your progress!!

Jon (co-worker):  Are you trying to get there - or get there fast?

I told Jon I was just trying to get there in an email, and he suggested that I follow my own advice.  I had a lot more fun - I wasn't trying to hit any specific number, I was just doing what I could do.  So, in the alternating walks/jogs (or wiggles/jiggles) I varied the pace.  I could always do 3 mph / 5 mph and sometimes I hit the 3.5/5.5 numbers.  My heart rate never even got in the 180s.  And the walking was relaxed enough so that the little burn in the fronts of my lower legs completely subsided before the next jog.  Remind me to never let my treadmill tell me what to do: I'm in charge here!  Thanks, Jon!!

Kristi (C25K Forums): "Stretch, man-boobs ... stretch!!!  :)"

Did anyone notice a little A-cup action in my last video?  Here, Kristi is suggesting that I try to touch my toes or something.  But I decided to interpret stretch to mean push the envelope. So in the last couple of intervals I kicked it up a notch and repeated her battle cry.  Thanks Kristi, and I'll get with you later about what I should do for stretching (properly interpreted).

This was a real work-out for me, and I can feel it.  I don't think I'll be bolting a snack tray to the treadmill any time soon, but I've conquered a few of the newbie jitters.

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  1. Congrats on completing W1D2.. I will be starting soon enough...

    Dont worry about your geek alter ego.. I did the same thing when I decided to take on the task of running. Ordered new running shoes, ipod app (already had the ipod), insoles to absorb shock.. I also got a GIANT bottle of advil.. just in case...

    Keep up the good work..

    luluhrt from