Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 2 Day 1

This week's routine calls for a five-minute warmup walk; 20 minutes of alternating 90 second jogs and 2 minute walks; and ending with a five-minute cooldown walk.

To get extra psyched up for this workout, Max and I played some classic motivational hits on Guitar Hero.

I wiggled at 3.3 mph and jiggled at 5.3 mph.  At the end of the jogs, my heart rate was around 166 except for the next to last one where it was 180.  I set the incline from 1% to 0% for the last jog and I peaked at 172.  My left shin still isn't quite right, but I could manage it.  It was a tougher workout, but I'll be able to shovel snow later.

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