Sunday, June 6, 2010

L10 Day 27 - It's Not a Fluke!

I may have to be carried around for a day or two after my runs, but I'm starting to gain a little more confidence during the run, given my 32:37 5K in California last week.  Today it was humid and 22° warmer than it was in California.  But, I didn't let that stop me!

I went out like a cannon ball for that first half mile.  And I ran up that 90 foot hill in laps 3 and 4 at a 10:30 pace.  I was worn out after that, but I refused to quit.  My first mile was done in 9:51, which is my mile record (since the mid-80s).

As you can see, I got my heart rate right up there and kept it up there.  I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't keep it in gear that last mile.  I worked so much harder tonight than I did in California - the hills and the 22 degrees really have an impact.

Nevertheless, I set another record at 32:22, which is 15 seconds better than last Thursday!

On the other hand, I'm very happy that I started out way too fast and managed not to completely fall apart or quit before I'd hit 5K.  My plan is to do a comfortable jog on Wednesday, and then I've got the Possum Ridge 5K in Kentucky next Saturday.  It looks like it will be in the 70s with high humidity, but no hills.  If I can't beat 33 minutes, I'm going to be inconsolable.

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  1. Congrats! That's a great time! :) I have complete confidence that you can kick your next 5k's behind in KY. 

    Thanks for the congrats on the thesis--My plans for next year are very France-tastic. I'll be in Paris for a month this summer as a program assistant/translator for a study abroad programs and then I'll go back in October to teach English for the school year in the south of France. After that, it's off to grad school.

I'm looking forward to writing about my runs in France--I'll definitely have to keep a camera with me!