Thursday, June 24, 2010

L10 Day 32 - Snake and Bake

I jogged early in the morning again, trapped in a humidity cooker.  Separately, a snake was found escaping our garden.  I surfed around and the nearest I can figure is that this is a Northern Black Racer.  Black Rat Snakes are more common, but here's why I nevertheless think it's a Racer:

It didn't look all bumpy and lumpy when it was nervous.
It was quick.
It was slender-bodied.
It was a dull black, without any speckle.

I will appeal to internet experts on my classification.

The snake's tail is near the bottom of the picture, not where it first goes under the leaves.  This thing was between four and five feet long.  It's easily the biggest snake I've seen since I moved to Virginia.  We saw some good-sized king snakes in Tucson.

Here's the running junk ...

I don't like jogging early in the morning.  Add the humidity and having a cold, and it's pretty much the pits.  I'm ready for the fall already!

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