Monday, June 28, 2010

L10 Day 33 - Never Say Never

Had a cold Friday through Monday.  Monday night, I contemplated jogging with about 30 minutes of daylight left.  But, it was just so darn hot and humid out there that I gave up ...

... I actually jogged 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Turns out it is pretty humid in the house too.  I will spare you the details other than the fact that I shorted out the heart rate monitor bar on the treadmill.  (Either that or my jogging heart rate routinely fluctuated between 40 and 230.)

With walking on either side of the jog, I got to watch 40 minutes of Starship Troopers.  Jogging is easy enough now that I can pay attention to the movie.  It is extremely tedious, but at least I didn't feel injured afterwords.  In fact, my legs felt that I hadn't done any work at all.  I had it set to a 1% incline.

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