Thursday, June 3, 2010

L10 Day 26 - New Record on the West Coast

The day after I got back from my weekend next to the Atlantic, I took a business trip to Santa Barbara California, next to the Pacific.  I started my run at a few minutes after 6 AM local time, at a temperature of 55° and a humidity of 95%.  I was alarmed to discover that my spiffy orange Adidas running shirt had not made it into the suitcase.  So I ran in one of my finest heavy cotton running shirts.  Yes, this is foreshadowing.

My legs were just crazy chipper on this morning.  After a brisk walk East from the hotel, I started to jog.  I did the first mile in 10:54.  I was huffing a bit, but not bad.  My legs were taunting me: "C'mon, chicken-boy, let's go faster ... you can breathe later!"  I did the second mile in 10:23 and the third mile in 10:23.  I've really backed off on the mileage, so I guess that helped my legs feel so energetic.  I should run less more often!

When I hit 3.11 I turned off the Garmin and walked along the beach for about 150 yards.  I had just jogged a 5K in 32:37!!  This is a new record for me since I ran 34:03 back on May 18th.

Then I jogged all the way back to the hotel room.  I did a slow victory jog pace on the way back.  Also, I felt and noticed a nip problem.  My shirt was stuck to me thanks to the humidity.  The temperature had made me a bit perky.  And the result was a couple of orange "comet tails" down my shirt.  A driver of average visual acuity should have been able to detect this problem.  Good thing I don't embarrass easy!

I had elected not to take the heart rate monitor belt with me and now I'm kicking myself.  I sure would like to know what it was.  Running in chilly, flat terrain is nice! Altogether I did 6.5 miles including the one little walking break after my 5K "tempo run".

If I can get to a 10:30 pace on a routine basis, then I will be eligible for a "sympathy run" with Molly - one of the young, in shape people at work.

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  1. that's an excellent time for a 5k. That 30 minute mark is getting pretty close :) Maybe you'll manage it in your first race?

    Also, if you're missing the c25k forums like the rest of us - someone from the nikeplus lot have set up a facebook group. Just search for a group called c25k forums and you'll find our home away from home while we wait for the forums to be fixed.