Wednesday, June 30, 2010

L10 Day 34 - Double or Nothing

There is a cold snap in Virginia!  I started my morning jog just before 6 AM, and it was a brisk 65° and the humidity was only 35%.  I chose a hilly course with four new streets.  I was a bit disappointed in the way I slowed down.  It's like each hill subtracts X seconds off of every subsequent quarter-mile - independent of terrain.  But, I won't complain too much because at 4.6 miles I felt like stopping but I kept going until I had hit 6.5 miles.

Okay, I take it back - I will complain too much: ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Okay, I know there were a few hills, but for Pete's sake, why is my average heart rate 154 for a lousy 12:31 pace??  And with a cool temperature and low humidity?  I took a week off after the Possum Ridge 5K, and now my resting heart rate has jumped from 48 to 58??  This is bogus.  And to make it worse, after finishing the jog I didn't even have 10 miles for the week.

So, I went jogging tonight.  I decided it would be a short one, but it would be aggressive.  The temperature was 69° with a 36% humidity.  Very ideal.  My left ankle was mighty mad at me for about a minute, but then it got pounded into submission.

I averaged 160 bpm, and got a 10:17 pace out of it.  I think my breathing was actually keeping up.  Hopefully the legs won't be mad at me tomorrow, because it will be nice out.  Then I'll take it easy because my next 5K is on the 4th of July.

The Possum Ridge 5K results were finally posted.  I finished 3 of 6 in my age group, and 33 of 76 overall.  Even if you weed out the 13 walkers (15+ pace), I'm pretty much in the middle.  Um, thanks Kentucky!

I might have some good news to post tomorrow ...


  1. Don't cry about THAT, you are doing great! You're already SO above the average, playing along with the elite!

  2. The colder weather has been wonderful! I was at a point where I was so beat down from the humidity I didn't even care if I went running at all. Then I got motivated by Stimpy and the weather changed... leading all sorts of personal bests.

    I agree with darnfitness- you are doing great! Hills are like the Bermuda Triangle. They mess with you, I think by creating electrical disturbances which cause you and your equipment to malfunction. So don't over-analyze any numbers on a hilly route. The data is corrupted by their energy-sucking vortex.

    Now go slap on those Nicholson shades so you can look as cool as you are. Hope the cooler weather holds for both of us!

  3. We had a bit of a "cold snap" here too. I loved it. Though I think we are back on the upward trend of it being warm again.

    Congrats on the official results for the 5k... Just keep at it and do better the next time around. We all have to start somewhere.

    Keep up the good work!