Sunday, June 20, 2010

L10 Day 30 - Sweaty & Confused

Be sure to check out my last two posts, because this one is a bit of a downer.  Temp 73°, Humidity 90%.

I got up an hour later than intended, and drove a few miles over to my desired course.  For what ever reason, it just wasn't a very good run.  I felt a little queasy, and I was just sweating a ton.  I hit the 5K distance right at 35 minutes, which is about a 11:20 pace.  After another half mile (at 3.6 miles) I walked.  My heart rate was up in the 160s, and that's not where I wanted it to be.  Turns out I had been in that range a few times.  Perhaps I just got confused after having all those short, fast jogs in the first part of June.  I started jogging at 3.75 miles and went to 5 miles, then I just walked the last mile to the car.  But, no worries, jogs are like pizza: even bad jogs are good.  Maybe the heavy steak and wine dinner was also too much.

But, there was a very bright spot today, because it's Father's Day and the family got me a Road ID bracelet.  Now if I keel over for real, they'll at least know who I was and who to call.  I plan to run with it every time.  Inexplicably, I am really keen on the little tin box the bracelet came in.  The bracelet is black, with silver clasp and ID tag.

I think I squeezed about five oranges worth of liquid out of my shirt, shorts, and bandana when I got home.  Oh yes, I should have mentioned.  I did wear a bandana for the first time, along with my Jack Nicholson shades.  So, aside from weighing 30 pounds too much, I looked very nifty.

~ Afternoon Update ~

Oh noes, the shopping spree continued.  I got a few bandanas and a Grey Pixel Buff.  I've wanted to try out a Buff for awhile, and I like them.  It's like Topsy Tail for balding men.

You've got to check out this movie to see all the exciting ways you can shape this thing.

Grey Pixel Buff

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