Sunday, March 14, 2010


After yesterday's blog post, I hit the shower and got a surprise.  I was inspired to write a poem.

perky by mistake
rain, chill, wind: what did y'all do?
rubbed raw the left one

A friend had predicted this would happen, since up until recently I had only worn my "finest, heavy cotton" running shirts.  But, having obtained the advanced technical running shirts, I thought I'd minimized the risk.  I was wrong.  Having only gone 2.45 miles, I got off easy - it wasn't too bad.  It looked like a teething toddler mistook me for a meal.  There are an array of products on the market for this sort of thing:

~ Choice A ~

~ Choice B ~

~ Choice C ~

~ Choice D ~

Choice A is very practical and affordable.  But, I think they would show through my slinky running shirts pretty severely. And they would hurt to take off. Choice C is advocated by many distance runners, but I think they would add machine gun muzzles to my turrets, not attractive.  Choice D is clearly the nuclear option and will not be entertained.  Therefore, I select choice B.  For anyone who doesn't know, brustwartzen is German for nipples, but it literally means breast warts.  I just love that German romanticism. :)


  1. Ok... I am sitting here laughing my butt off... not because you are in pain, but the level of research you took to find a solution to the issue...

    I am sorry the issue arose, hopefully it heals fast!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Your poem was amazing. Got a good laugh.

    I'm enjoying keeping up with your blog as I noob my way through C25k. Just started week 3 today. Sorry that my laughs are at your expense.

    I hope you heal quickly and that choice B does you well. :)

  3. Lynz - and wouldn't it figure: I'm an analyst by trade! I'm basically okay now, but I learned that wearing a sweater the next day is non-optimal.

    Kally - Glad you got a good laugh, that's part of the fun I'm having with the program and the blog. I really like the word "noob". In fact "Noob my way through C25K" would make a great blog title!