Saturday, March 13, 2010

Positive Effects

On Friday, we all went out to the Steakhouse for dinner.  I ordered a Diet Pepsi, and then said "Wait, I mean water!"  Whew, I had nearly tripled my caffeine.  It's been a week or two since I dramatically reduced my caffeine intake.  Now the only caffeinated drink I have is one or two 12 mg doses in a Lipton flavored tea mix.

After dinner, we went to a Tae Kwon Do school for Max's graduation.  This school does a weekly workout with kindergarteners through second graders.  He broke his board on the first try, and given the flexion applied by the holder, it's a wonder it didn't snap before Max touched it.  At any rate, it was very nice for Max.  You know, he runs laps around the house now, lap after lap.  I think my C25K hobby is having a good effect on everyone in the family.  Makes me feel like a good daddy.

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