Thursday, March 11, 2010

Level Seven

~ Athletic Character Statistics ~

Age: 44
Weight: 197.5
BMI: 28.3
Cholesterol: 121 (Total)
Capability: 25-minute jogs
Speed: 4.5 mph
Gear: Intermediate

In the past week there was some rough sledding, but some real shining moments as well.  W6D3 was pretty awful - I got through the workout, but ended up feeling mentally defeated.  If I had flirted anymore with the idea of stopping, we would have gotten married.  W7D1 was also tough, as I did stop for two breathers.  I decided not to beat myself up on that one.  I didn't intend to start out too fast, and I proved I could do twenty-five minute runs.  And on Monday's run, I had an amazingly fun time.  I wish I could hop to that place at will.

Since my athletic character has achieved Level Seven status, I'm entitled to some bling. And this time, the choice was clear - I needed more clothes. The products are a black Nike Featherlight hat; a red Asics shirt; a light green Nike shirt; and another pair of compression shorts from Nike (just like the ones I got last week). All of these feature advanced wicking technology. The shirts are amazingly light and slinky, and the hat will hopefully save my baldish head from the sun.

About My Stats: With all this influx of gear, I can't really even say it's novice anymore - so I will call it intermediate.  There are probably more advanced shoes available, and if I try real hard, I might be able to top a ten dollar watch.  As a result of seeing the doctor, I got some numbers back in a phone message.  My total cholesterol was surprisingly low at 121 mg/dL.  He said my HDL/LDL ratio was in the ideal category, but I'll have to pick up the labwork sheet to get the actual numbers involved.  Naturally, the thing I'm most interrested in figuring out is whose numbers these really are! I dropped another pound, and managed to remain 44.

It's supposed to rain like  * f o r e v e r *, at least through Monday.  That means I will need to confront the treadmill again.  Don't get me wrong, I am a treadmill advocate, and it provides a reasonable approximation to running outdoors if you set it at an incline - I just need to get a good workout under my belt to put W6D3 behind me.  As always, thanks to everyone for following my adventures!


  1. Dave I love your blog it has helped me over the last two weeks to do what I really believed was imposible. Thanks so much for your support and excellent attitude.

    I have even started my own blog following in the masters footsteps

  2. I love the new gear... I have a few of those shirts but long sleeve.. I used to wear them when we played softball in Florida (I burn REALLY easily and a week in the sun is not fun)... I got to say when working out, they are about the most comfortable thing.

    Keep plugging along on this week... it does get easier ;-)... Look forward to hearing about this week's workouts..

  3. tmented - thanks so much for your support! I made this blog so I would hold myself accountable, but it has become so much more to me now. And so wonderful to see others get some lift from it. Take your time, and enjoy your journey!

    Lynz - I don't think my forearms will burn much, but I know just about everything else will, I'll have to be careful. I don't feel like I'm plugging along anymore, as of last Monday I became a runner. I like it for its own sake. Some outings are easier than others, but I'm enjoying myself!