Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 6 Day 2

Today's routine calls for two 10-minute jogs with a 3-minute walk in between, with the 5-minute warmup/cooldown walks.  I programmed it into the treadmill, and got the Sheryl Crow DVD going whilst in the warmup.  I wiggled at 3.3 mph and jiggled at 4.5 mph, with a 1% incline throughout.  For the last 30 seconds of the last jog, I kicked it up to 5.0 mph in honor of Ellen who is on the cusp of graduating the C25K program - and she's built herself up to that 6.0 mph pace too.  Impressive.  My heart rate was 161 after the first jog, and 165 after the second one.

After the cooldown walk, I kept walking because a good song was on.  Then an even better song came on, so I jogged two minutes at 6.0 mph.  Then I went back to walking.  My breathing hadn't even spooled up yet, but my legs felt tired.  In fact, they felt tired most of that second 10-minute jog.  I don't know why, and I'm not going to over-analyze it - that's something a geek would do ...

When I was in California last week, a co-worker looked at my Diet Dr. Pepper and said it was diuretic.  I guess that's a bad thing?  I didn't think much about it until this morning.  I woke up early - before the alarm.  I laid there for a bit, and thought to take my pulse.  I scored a 48.  I took it again: 48.  I took it again: 49.  I sat cross-legged on the bed and took it again: 52.  I laid back down and wondered why it is so much higher in the evening.  That's when the Dr. Pepper hit me.  Perhaps after a six-pack of diet soda, with all the caffiene, my heart is driven to a higher state.  So today I drank only water and gave myself a headache.  I took my pulse about 45 minutes after dinner: 63.  Right now, half-way through my first soda of the day typing a blog it is a 68.  It's kinda weird the way this number wiggles around.  I think I'm going to reduce my diet soda consumption.  I am also hoping that my legs don't feel tired on Wednesday, when I am supposed to do a 25-minute jog.

To leave a more positive message, I can say that there was no pain in this workout.  There was no soreness.  And I was never really winded.  I know I've come a long way since Week 1 Day 1.


  1. Awesome job... I will say my heart rate decreased when I cut pop out.. However it wasn't an immediate impact. I would say somewhere around a week later my heart rate stabilized at a lower number.... Granted I did this before I took on the C25K and I wasn't doing diet. I was a regular Dr Pepper/Mt Dew addict. Keep at it though and it will drop ;-)

  2. Thanks, Lynz. I have decided that a little caffiene is okay - maybe one or two sodas a day. That doesn't even add up to a cup of coffee. And cutting back might help me sleep a little easier. Didn't have a caffiene soda today at all - and no headache. I also have taken my pulse four times over the last four hours. Low: 58, High: 63. No statistical significance for one evening's measurement, but it is encouraging.