Wednesday, March 31, 2010

L9 Day 3 - Declaring War on Hills

~ Dave Declares War on Hills ~

Today, I finally got up the nerve to try the hilly 5K course that is run in my neighborhood.  I started the course somewhere in the middle, but faithfully followed it all the way around.  I learned that getting up a hill is one thing, but once that's accomplished my body is like "whew, let's take a breather!"  I listened to my body with abject tenderness and infinite love, and then politely told it to shut up and keep jogging.

I'm really proud about a number of things that happened in this run:

1.) Run time: 43:10  **new PR **
2.) Run distance: 3.41 miles  ** new PR **
3.) Realistic 5K course  ** first time ever **
4.) Heart Rate:  Always in Zone 4  (proof I can recover and jog at the same time!!!)

Today I used body glide for the first time, and it worked.  In fact, I discovered another place I could use it in the future.  But, no need to bore anyone with those details.  Below is all the charts and graphs from the run.


  1. Congrats on your first realistic 5k run.. I am still slowly working towards that and hope to have it obtained in a couple weeks...

    Also congrats on graduating.. I was away on vacation and missed the post.. Trying to get caught up now ;)

  2. Thanks so much, Lynz. And, I look forward to celebrating your graduation.