Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 6 Day 3

Holy Kryptonite!  The exercise for this day is a 25-minute jog, with 5-minute warmup/cooldown walks.  I elected to do my workout right after getting home.  This had been hanging over my head for a couple of days now - eating dinner and sitting there while it settled was not appealing.  I wore Tami's special gift (link) for the occasion.

I popped Rush R30 into the DVD player, and started wiggling at 3.3 mph, 1% incline.  No need to program the treadmill this time.  At the end of the walk my heart rate was up to 112.  I was going to cover up the clock, but decided not to.  I got to 10 minutes pretty easy, with a heart rate at 162, but it seemed that 15 more minutes was asking a lot.  At 12.5 minutes, my heart rate was 165.  My legs weren't dying, and my breathing wasn't too awful, so I kept going.

At 17.5 minutes, I thought about my 20-minute jog at the end of Week 5.  I certainly wasn't going to stop before 20 minutes.  I think that's when my brain started shutting down non-essential functions.  I pretty much ignored the DVD, even though it was my favorite band of all time playing.  It felt good to pass 20 minutes - I was in virgin territory.  At around 22 minutes, I thought about where I would place my hands on the rails to let the belt spin a few times with my feet off to the side.  By now my heart rate had climbed to 175.  I told myself - oh, it's just a 3-minute jog, I can do those in my sleep.  When I had two minutes remaining, I knew I would make it to the finish line.  And I did! (4.5 mph and 1% incline the whole way.) My heart rate never got higher than 175.

I walked a few extra minutes after the 5-minute cooldown, happy in the knowledge that I had made it.  I burned around 400 calories.  The stretching and calf massage went fine and I'm really pleased at how my legs have adapted.  I could breathe good enough the whole time.  Now, I'm thinking about a couple of other areas: improving my cardio so I can do this amount of work at a lower heart rate and the mental side of things (maybe outdoors wouldn't be so bad if I can find a relatively level run). During the jog, I figure I had about 4,000 foot falls - didn't heel strike a single one of them.  One consolation of this routine, is that it doesn't get any more demanding in Week 7.


  1. Great job, Dave! I'm only on Week 4, and I'm already getting nervous about next week's 20 minute-er. We'll see!

  2. Awesome Job!!! Let me know if you get outside... It is starting to warm up here and I am itching to hit the track...

    I definitely think at least part of the success was due to the under-roos!! HA.. I am going to start Week 4 tonight... Will have to let you know how it goes.