Saturday, February 27, 2010

Level Five

~ Athletic Character Statistics ~

Age: 44
Weight: 202.5
Cholesterol: Yes
Capability: 15-minute jogs
Speed: 4.5 mph
Gear: Newbie

Given that I've only done a single 20-minute jog, I'm hesitant to state that as my capability.  So I will take the more conservative route.  Also, I've decided that my gear should go back to just 'newbie' - jogging on the beach with a bunch of college kids in fully padded bike shorts is just plain non-optimal.

I plan on doing the vast majority of the C25K program on the treadmill.  I like experimenting with stride, knowing how fast I'm going, controlling the incline and all of that.  So, I probably won't worry about cool clothes for awhile.  Tami decided to be funny, and she bought me ... I don't know what you'd call these ... grown-up under-roos?

Anyhow, for this week's bling I have decided to do something as terrifying as running outdoors with other human beings.  I am going to get a massage.  Shannon, whoever that is, has been assigned this enviable task.  The name of the establishment is called Massage Envy.  I've never had a massage, except some chair massage thing given by a mean, frustrated chiropractor in Saigon, Vietnam.  I'm more nervous about the massage than I am my next workout.


  1. Nice lil touch with the under-roos... Let me know if you are able to run faster or anything with them... Tami may be on to something there.. HAHA

  2. I didn't wear them for the Week 6 Day 1 routine. I'm scared it would produce a "Papa Smurf" down there since they haven't been washed yet. I have them scheduled for the Day 3 routine. I'll let you know the results of this important research.