Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 4 Day 2

This routine has jogs of 3, 5, 3, and 5 minutes - with precious little walking in between.  Before the first 5-minute jog was over, I had a go/no-go decision to make.  My decision was to go, so after the first 5-minute jog, I walked briskly to the men's room and I walked briskly back.  Note to self: if you think you can go, you probably should!

Anyhow, I got back on the treadmill with only a minute elapsed of the 2.5 minute walk.  After the second 3-minute jog, I did my walk at 3.0 to get my heart rate as low as possible.  It was down to 138 when I started the 5-minute jog, and at the end it was only 161 instead of Saturday's 171.  Otherwise, all the wiggles were at 3.3 mph and jiggles were at 4.5 mph.  I had legs and wind at the end - which was quite nice.  In fact, I bumped my hands into the bar probably a half dozen times because 4.5 mph is really slow for me.

All-in-all, today went a little better.  My left calf is a tad sore, but massaging seems to be dealing with that just fine.  Given how tough the last workout was, today was something of a relief.  Jogging five minutes, especially the second time, is just long enough to make you wonder if you want to keep going.  And today my answer was in the affirmative.   

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