Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 5 Day 1

Shazam!!  Finally, I had an another exercise that I completely nailed.  I had so many reasons to do well this time, that I couldn't imagine having anything other than fun.  First, relative to last week's routine, it was like trading two 3-minute jogs for one 5-minute jog.  That sounded like a good trade.  Secondly, I programmed the routine into the treadmill so I wouldn't even have to push any buttons other than Start.  Thirdly, I had a little DVD player stuck on the front playing some music videos.

This exercise had three 5-minute jogs, with 3-minute walks between them and bookend 5-minute warmup/cooldown walks.  I wiggled at 3.3 mph, jiggled at 4.5 mph, and had a 1% incline throughout.  For the last 30 seconds, I kicked it up to 5 mph.  At the end of the three jogs my heart rate was 158, 163, and 166.  My breathing was always decent and my legs were real troopers.  It's been an hour since I ran, and my legs feel very, very happy.

I listened to Blondie's Video Hits (2005).  My treadmill is quiet enough that I didn't need headphones.  And the little screen was at just the right height and distance.  Deborah Harry was a real hottie, huh?  But I did chuckle a few times during the runs at some of that 80s kitsch.

While I was exercising, Tami and the kids were at Elaine's 8th birthday party decorating bulletin boards at Michael's.  Elaine loves all things horses, so you can imagine how much she liked this cake:

My daughter is the one in the middle wearing glasses - she is her daddy's daughter!

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