Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Jogger's Counter Weight System

For too long, new athletes have been hampered by their starting weights leading to discouragement and sometimes injury - especially to the joints.  That's why I have designed the system above.  The jogger is to wear special harness pants which hook to an array of shaped wires. This assembly connects to a rope over the jogger's head.  A towel rack is also available.

From there, the rope goes over a pulley.  Note, the pulley needs to be connected to something very sturdy and not just with a nail.  Next, the rope is tied to a garage door spring which dampens any oscillatory motion caused by the running and/or a jumpy counter weight.  After the spring, the second piece of rope goes over a second pulley and down to a basket.  The counter-weight put in the basket depends on your needs.  For example, if you weigh 203 and you would like to get to 168, a 35 pound 5 year old is perfect.  Especially if you needed to keep him occupied while the wife and daughter are out shopping.  In this configuration, both the jogger and the son can enjoy the same television program - iCarly for example.

Given the common components in the Jogger's Counter Weight System, the cost should come in at less than fifty dollars, unless Bart Yasso endorses it, where it will be approximately $299.99.  But think of the possibilities.  Want to experience running on the moon?  Wear a fish bowl on the head and put two kids in the basket.  Want to remain a little stocky?  Start with the one kid, and gradually attach helium balloons to the basket - thereby giving your joints time to adjust.  Yes, the possibilities are endless!

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