Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 3 Day 2

Last night, I almost finished my new book (Born to Run), but ended up polishing it off this morning shortly after sunrise.  Even if you don't much care for running, I would recommend this book.

Tonight I elected to eat dinner before the workout and we had spaghetti plus salad.  I let it settle for half an hour, and then I could wait no longer.  Today's exercise was the same as the last one, with two 3-minute jogs and two 90-second jogs sprinkled within a bunch of walking.  The incline was always 1%, the wiggles were at 3.3 mph, and the jiggles were at 5.1 mph.  The maximum heart rate was 171.  I am twirling the ear buds below because I am silly.

I was almost frustrated when the first 90-second jog was over - I had already fallen into a rhythm that felt right and I wasn't winded yet.  Like last time, I was winded a bit towards the end of the second 3-minute jog, but the outcome was never in doubt, and I actually pushed on another 20 or 30 seconds for no particular reason.  Once again, I was treated to another miracle: my legs were just there.  In fact, if I hit wrong I could tell because some muscle would turn on.  And when I hit right, it was like I wasn't using any muscle at all - like there is a bulls-eye somewhere in the center of the ankle that says "good job, tubby!"  I thought about running tall, and making circles with my ankles like I was riding a unicycle.  I also smiled knowing my secret was working as well as I could have hoped:

Yes, that's right - I am now the proud owner of a new pair of Vibram FiveFingers (VFF)!!  I got the KSO model, mainly because they were out of the Sprint model.  As the afternoon was winding to a close, I got up the nerve to venture out in the snow and ice and get these puppies.  They are just the bomb, aren't they!?  I think I'm going to wear them to bed.  Unlike VA runner, where one is to bow to the heel running only made possible with Nike, Hudson Trail Outfitters has a complete line of both conventional and unconventional running gear.  Erin, the nice young woman who helped me, actually runs in VFFs.  She runs outside in them, so I'll bet she goes a heck of a lot longer than three minutes.  Athletes sometimes are known to bend the rules to keep that edge - that's how I was able to cash in my Week 3 bling two workouts early, but I'll have to watch it so that this won't turn into a shopping blog. :)   

My body may still be that of a Rhino, but I've got the nimble little feet of a Gecko underneath!


  1. Those are so goofy. Did you run in them yet? How did they feel?

  2. Yeah, goofy like a fox! The Week 3 Day 2 workout was performed in my VFFs. There is zero cushion on these things, so things felt different. Today my right calf is a bit tight. I might just alternate between the VFFs and the Nike Airs. Either way, I'm aiming to land just behind the main knuckles of the fourth and fifth toes.