Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 5 Day 2

Here I am, cardio belt in hand, about to embark on my running adventure in the safety and privacy of my underground lair.  This is the first week where exercise routines change each time.  Today's recipe calls for two 8-minute jogs surrounded by three 5-minute walks.

(>*.*)>   Yes, eight minute jogs!   <(*.*<)

I used my (now) standard conditions: 1% incline, 3.3 mph wiggles, 4.5 mph jiggles.  I flawlessly programmed the routine into the treadmill.  And since my Blondie DVD was already primed to go, I gave her another shot.  And you know what?  This routine went well and it went quickly.  My heart rate was 163 after the first 8-minute jog, and it was 168 after the second 8-minute jog.  The breathing was fine, and sometimes there was a rythym that seemed to work out.  I also focused occasionally on breathing from the belly.  My legs were fine throughout with one minor tweak which I suppose I will document.  After the second jog, as the treadmill slowed to 3.3 and my walking gait took over, my left knee felt a very mild but sharpish twinge that seemed to be both below the knee and at the very back center of the knee.  Don't think I've ever felt that and after about twenty strides it was gone.  It's been awhile, and stretching didn't expose anything wonky.  So, I suppose it's just a fluke.

The next exercise is supposed to be a straight twenty minute jog with no walks.  As if that weren't enough complication, I'm flying across the country tomorrow into a rainy, albeit beautiful, spot in Southern California right on the coast.  I'm not sure how this is going to work out, folks.  But, for now I will celebrate my 2x8 minutes and cool down with a nice glass of Carbernet Sauvignon.  Some guy named Andr√© Karwath provided the Wikipedia photo below - and while granting permission to use the photo, has not specifically endorsed my attempt to get into better shape.

If anyone knows how to use the Creative Commons License as described in the link above more gracefully, I would appreciate some instruction.  Cheers!

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