Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 6 Day 1

This routine goes back to intervals, with jogs of 5, 8, and 5 minutes with 3-minute walks in between them.  And of course, there are  the 5 minute warmup/cooldown walks.  I wiggled at 3.3 mph and jiggled at 4.5 mph.  Everything was done at a 1% incline.  My heart rate at the end of the jogs: 158, 161, 163.  For the last 30 seconds of the last jog, I bumped it up to 4.7 mph.  I could have put it up to 6.0 mph, but I didn't want to show off.  But, seriously, I felt pretty good the whole routine.

For this session I started to go with an ABBA concert, but there was too much documentary footage in there.  So, I went with The Very Best of Sheryl Crow - The Videos (2004).  You can find the link here.  I like the way she can go from girl next door to the girl you shouldn't take home.

I felt very energized after this exercise.  I didn't need to rest, which is good because I had to shower and get going to make it to Massage Envy.

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