Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Snow Storm for the Ages

I shoveled 9" of snow this morning (on top of the 8" from last night), and the first plow arrived up the hill only to get stuck.  The intensity of the snow picked up around eleven and we are now easily beyond the 20" mark.  We may end up with 24" to 30".  The kids played in the snow, and Max got caught in a snow bank so badly, he couldn't move and was calling for help.  It wasn't funny, but I pretty much had to laugh anyway.  Tami was up to her hip wrenching him out of there.

Update: Okay, we ended up with 24 inches of snow stemming from approximately 1.7 inches of precipitation.  Alaskans, aside from having foreign policy experience due to their proximity to Russia, know a lot about snow.  And they also know how to do webpages, so I was able to find a forumla to relate snowfall to pounds per square foot:

This ends up being 5.2 times SWE (Snow Weight Equivalent - which is inches worth of water), which was about 1.7" for us.  This amounts to 8.84 pounds per square foot.  My driveway is at least 800 square feet, so this works out to 7,072 pounds of snow to shovel.  So far, I have shoveled 17" of 24", or 5009 pounds.  Yep, feels like it. :/

Nine inches (plus 8 last night), for a total of 17 at 9AM Saturday.

This poor guy spent at least an hour digging out.

Yours truly, shoveling like a mad man in my wife's big straw hat.

The backyard, where the fort has been given up for dead.

This snow bank, from shoveling, is as high as my shoulders.

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