Saturday, February 27, 2010

Massage Envy

In virtue of becoming a Level Five Athletic Character, and thereby having completed that grueling twenty minute jog, it was time to get my awesome (but nerve-producing) reward.  After realizing they had me on their schedule, I was ushered back to a lounge.  Here I was told to drink a glass of water and fill out a form.  You check off whatever medical conditions you have, medications you take, and indicate any areas of your body that are off limits.  I bravely checked yes to every category.  There was serene Eastern music playing.

After the paperwork was found acceptable, I was introduced to Shannon.  To be honest, I was glad it wasn't a guy Shannon.  I know it shouldn't matter, but just the same, I was glad.  I confessed that I was an utter dweeb, and she didn't have a problem with that.  She told me what to do and I did it.  Shannon was a very good sport with the pictures and everything.  She took a couple of shots before we got started.  Don't worry folks, I'm not in a morgue, I am normally this pale!

My massage lasted an hour.  She started with the head/neck/chest, then did the right arm and leg, then the left leg and arm.  Then I flipped over and she did the back and the shoulders and the backs of the legs. At one point I told her that she had strong hands.  She said thanks, then after a brief pause her intuition struck: 'strong like good, or strong like take it easier?'.  My reply: 'Yes, both'.  The most painful thing was the sides of my neck, where she said I had some knots.  I'm pretty sure those knots keep my head from flopping laterally, and I'm happy to report that they are still working.  On my left calf, I told her to dig in a little, then I quickly told her to go back to gentle mode.  I escaped the urge to laugh and convulse - even through the soles of my feet - except for one area.  The lower, center part of my back really made me squirm a bit.  When the hour was up, I felt really good - and relived that I had avoided all the things to be fearful about.  I was also instructed to drink a glass of water afterwards.

Here is Shannon and I after the session.  I asked Tami if I could do this on a monthly basis, and she doesn't have a problem with it.  In fact, we may get a couples membership.  So, take that - massage fears!

Sorry for having so many posts today, folks.  But with all the travel, C25K events, and bling for reaching Level Five, I had some catching up to do. 

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