Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 8 Day 3

Okay, there was a little melodrama today so brace yourselves.  First, I runner'd up in my office and headed over to Metro Run & Walk (link).  That's where I've been getting my bling lately, and I must be scoring a lot of bling because they all seem to know me, and even know how to spell my last name.  Today, John Faith helped me.  He is just as friendly as his picture would indicate.  He has done a ton of triathalons, marathons, and all the rest - very accomplished.  At the same time, he's friendly with the noobs like me.  I swear, if any of you guys are in the DC area, this store is worth the drive.

So, I got my new bling (which I will describe tomorrow) and headed out to a brand new trail which goes on the southwest side of Lake Mercer - unexplored territory!!  I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I was pretty concerned with injury after that treadmill encounter Monday.  I hoped my legs would be up for this.

Now for the fun part: just feast on these pics below from my 1.5 mile walk after my run:

~ Lake Mercer ~

~ You start on the dam ~

~ Dismount Bike Sign = Real Hill (Trust Me!) ~

~ Nifty Bridge ~

~ Topographic Map ~

Thanks to the county's topographic map, I know the path on the dam is at 253.1 feet and that the elevation of the lake is 216.8 feet.  I went up and down thirty-five foot hills several times in my out-n-back, mostly gradual.  That may not seem like hill work to anyone else, but compared with the middle school track and my treadmill, it was hilly!  Here's a map of what I ran, except on the way back I kept going until just after the end of the dam.

In all, I ran 2.65 miles in 33:06.  That works out to about 4.8 mph or a pace of 12:29.  This is just my best guess, but even if I only did 2.5 miles I would still be happy.  My legs felt fine, my breathing was good, and I enjoyed the heck out of myself.  At one point I passed the proverbial teens in love complete with the hand holding.  When I passed them, I about passed out.  They were perfumed to the gills!  But to be fair, if they're blogging tonight (highly doubtful), they might mention the fragrance I treated them to!

Now for the melodrama.  Remember when I told you I went to Metro Run & Walk for the bling?  Guess what I forgot to get?  You guessed it - I forgot the Body Glide Anti-Chafe and my pecs paid the price.  This time the left one did bleed and the right one hurt.  I am sure a doctor would come to the same conclusion I have: not overly much brain in my head!


  1. Dave you crack me up wow your only have a week until graduation I will have a glass of bubbly to celebrate for you. Thanks so much for your inspiration it is really nice to think I have a new friend on the other side of the world and if you ever make it to Melbourne I can show you some great running tracks.

  2. Melbourne does sound nice - the closest I ever got to Australia is Guam. These days, I'll have to settle for Outback Steakhouse.

    Keep up the good work!