Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 7 Day 2

Checkmate!  Today, I felt like I could jog forever.  I started out slow - even slow for me.  I think I was just lucky, because it is very hard for me to sense what pace I am jogging.  And when I say slow for me, I mean it!  How about a 14:01 mile pace (4.28 mph)?  I did two out and backs on my home trail without stopping, and then a little over half way back for 2.14 miles total:

(Thanks to Google Earth for this mapping capability!)

I took a leisurely 26.5 minutes for the 2 out and backs, and another 3.5 minutes to go back just past the bridge (pictured in my previous post).  That's 30 minutes, and I could have easily done more!  The good part about going slow, aside from the encouraging aspect of being able to do it enjoyably, is that I can look forward to a lot of PRs in the near term.

My lower legs are a bit sore.  The asphalt, its unevenness, and the little baby ups and downs, make my calves believe I'm in week 3.  But, it feels like a good sore - like I did something.  I'm hoping Wednesday's weather will be good.  I like that little trail.  Also, I can't wait for the clocks to spring forward so it will be daylight at my normal time to get home.

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