Thursday, March 4, 2010

Level Six

~ Athletic Character Statistics ~

Age: 44
Weight: 198.5
Cholesterol: Yes
Capability: 20-minute jogs
Speed: 4.5 mph
Gear: Novice

After completing yesterday's tough 25-minute run, and with the W5D3 20-minute run, I figure I can take credit for being able to do 20 minutes.  And in virtue of attaining Level Six status, I am entitled to acquire some new gear.

Based on recent experiences, I have decided to update my running apparel.  The first item I got was an Asics core long-sleeved running shirt, style MR502C.  It features texturized mesh fabric which provides comfort and inherent wicking technology. It looks like the picture below except the color I got is true blue.

The second item I purchased is some running shorts from Nike.  This product features DRI-FIT wicking technology and built-in compression boxer briefs for additional support and comfort.  The ones I got are black with a blue stripe, as shown below:

As the weather begins cooperating, I may venture outside a little bit.  The track at the nearest middle school looks accessible, and there is a fairly level trail that runs behind my house.  The trail is asphalt and is only a half-mile long.  But, after running in the basement, a couple of out-n-backs on this little trail might be a nice change of pace.  To round out the gear, Tami bought me a ten dollar digital watch, so I won't wear my dress watch while running outdoors.

If things keep progressing as they have been, someone may eventually confuse me with a runner!

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