Tuesday, March 30, 2010

L9 Day 2 - Meatloaf Motivation

Today I suffered a bit in terms of motivation.  It's strange, but I used to walk a lot and now it's far more desirable to go for a jog.  But, I'm trying to space out the jogging a little bit more to make sure the ankles and knees will be there for future ambitions.  When I talked to Tami, I asked ...

"Hmmm ... what can I eat 'round here?"
"Works for me"

It was okay, but nothing special.  Then I checked the label.  Wait, how many calories?  OMG.  Apparently, it wasn't a single serving. Suddenly, I had motivation to get my walk on.  I fiddled with speed and incline throughout and got my heart rate up to around 140.  So, I wasn't working hard, but I had a nice sheen of sweat going by the time it was done.  I caught the last 45 minutes of Armegeddon - where, after science geeks and physically competent people save the world, ordinary folk burst out of churches and celebrate.  I ended up doing 2.77 miles, and averaged a 5 or 6 incline.

For today's exercise I walker'd up in just my VFFs.  I've worn them around the house on occasion, but this was the first exercise since Week 3.  I've got a friend who is going to measure his sleeping heart rate with a Garmin tonight ... can't wait to see the results!  My results were posted here.


  1. Hey bro-ham . . .seeing those VFFs reminded me of something I wanted to ask you - - I am going to be in Sarasota for a week at the end of the month for business - - actually it is an Insurance Adjusters conference so the 6 day schedule is "lax" to say the least. I've discovered Caspersen Beach, which along with being fairly secluded in a state park - is reknowned for its millions of fossilized sharks teeth ripe for the picking - -but I digress. I retired from the convention/too much brewski/ end up at the wrong joints circuit years ago so I find a lot of "Me" time at these things (Me=Alone) but I digress - - in your travels have you tried running barefoot on the beach - -FOR FITNESS PURPOSES . . .not short little hot sand hopping jaunts to the car or restroom or tossing the Frisbee around - - I'm talking an extended run - - and if not - - I saw where you had ran when you were in CA - - -what was that like on the legs, knees etc . . .even with shoes? Still thoroughly enjoying your presentations here. Thanks

  2. I have only done the short little jogs in the VFFs for one day of C25K Week 3. My ankles and knees have been barking a little bit since W8D2, and I have decided to wait until my weight and form are good enough before I try any extended jogging in the VFFs.

    My run in CA was not on the beach, but beside it in very hard single track terrain, with a couple of parking lots and hard-scrabble thrown in there. It was basically a slight, long hill and being my first outdoor run, it made my quads ache the next couple of days. But there was no complaints from the joints.