Wednesday, April 7, 2010

L10 Day 1 - Chasing the Sun

Had to get haircut on way home from work and it took me fifteen minutes to find my blasted running cap.  By that time, I didn't have a whole lot of daylight left.  No problem, I planned on this being a short run - like I did on Level 9 Day 1. Only this time, I decided to just run on the street.  Took a temperature reading of the internets after I got home:

I ended up doing the two miles in 23:44, so that's barely above 5 mph but I'll take it.  And there are several reasons I think it compares favorably with L9D1, despite being 43 seconds slower:

L10 Day 1 / L9 Day 1
85° clear / 50° cloudy
some hills / middle school track
didn't get exhausted / did get exhausted
fighting a cold / feeling great at the start

Here is the hill that is on this route, it amounts to 90 feet over something like half a mile.  I know that doesn't compare to what hard-core runners do ... but for me that's like jogging up two 4-story buildings while also jogging half a mile.

I was trying to go a little faster today, because I was tired of turning in 4.5 - 4.6 mph runs (even though Saturday's was 4.5 miles).  So, here are the lap times which I will moan about presently:

Lap 1:  11:16 pace: Good, about where I'd like to get sooner rather than later.
Lap 2:  10:29 pace: Good, much was downhill - I'd better go a bit faster there!
Lap 3:  12:33 pace: Okay, much of it was uphill.
Lap 4:  11:59 pace: Good, I didn't let the hill turn me into mashed potatoes.
Lap 5:  11:50 pace: Okay, but I'd prefer a 11:30 pace here.
Lap 6:  12:28 pace: No, 3:07 is not a good lap time when I'm only going 2 miles.
Lap 7:  13:10 pace: Hell no, 3:17 is miserable on this terrain.
Lap 8:  11:09 pace: YES!!  This wasn't a crazy sprint, but was a sustained effort to do better.

In lap 8 I did 2:47 - which was faster than the first lap, and on pretty flat terrain.

One reason that Lap 7 was slow is that I wasn't focused.  What was I doing, trying to draw Mr. Bill on my children's elementary school's parking lot??

Despite the opportunity thrown away, I really did a good sustained effort for the final lap and turned in a 5.4 mph average there.  And my heartrate responded with the highest it's been in a while: 173.  It felt good to finally kick it up a notch - especially in this heat.  I might as well get used to it, pretty soon it will be 90° with a 90% humidity.  Oh joy!


  1. I'm planning on starting the pushups/squats/situp plans in the weekend. Think of it as the c25k expansion pack. Care to join me?
    Imagine begin able to run 3 miles, and do 100 pushups. You'll be a level 20 character in no time...

  2. Way to stick with the running Dave!! I am proud of you...

    Hey scooby, where is the squats plan at?? I started situps and have made an attempt at pushups... Didn't know there was also squats..

  3. Yeah, Scoob ... I'm in. Please point me to the plan and I'll start it tomorrow or Sunday.

    Thanks, Lynz. Mile by mile, pound by pound, I'm gonna get somewhere ... just have to hope it's not the hospital!

  4. Hey Dave all of those programs for the 100 push ups, 200 situps and 200 squats are all linked hiere..
    I will be doing week 4 day 3 of the push ups and situps tomorrow along with week 6 day 1 of c25k I honestly think these programs are the best. the push ups is great as it gives you options to start with easier styles of pushups to taking it to the max doing them with your feet up on the couch this increases the amount you are pushing substantially me I'm just doing the basic boys style push ups toes and hands.. good luck and keep us posted.

  5. Thanks, Lisa. I'm going to do the 'fitness' test on these three exercises tonight.