Saturday, April 10, 2010

200 / 100 / 200

Well, I'm doing two wiley veteran tricks with this post.  First, my run today was something of a snoozer, so I am cleverly relegating it to a second page story.  The second veteran blogging trick is to post something in advance of doing it.  Just like I did for C25K.  This way, I either do it, or procrastinate at the risk of virtual tomatoes being thrown at me.

Tonight, after I take Maxwell to "How to Train your Dragon" (in IMAX & 3D), I will finally do the initial tests for the 200 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and 200 squats programs.  Now, you may have seen other people doing a 100/200/200 program ... like this turkey ... but my program will be completely different and symmetrical - it is 200 then 100 and then 200 again.  And, I will post these initial results as an update to this same post.

Okay, prepare the tomatoes. Myself, I'm going to attack a modest portion of brisket before heading to the theater.

Tonight I did...
23 Sit-Ups (Crunches)
8 Push-Ups (Normal Guy-Style)
38 Squats ('Machine Gun' Style)

Push-ups are particularly difficult for me.  My right rotator cuff is shot, and I've broken the left elbow twice - that arm doesn't even straighten out all the way.  But, I can do good form push-ups and as long as I don't try to lock the elbows at the top, I expect I can continue.  The main reason I could only do eight push-ups is that I have spaghetti arms.  But, on the bright side, they match my quads and abdominals!


  1. Nice link . . . and the mental chess match continues . . .well played my friend . . .well played, indeed . . . .

  2. Hey Dave,
    excellent start to the 200/100/200
    it doesn't take all that much to work through these programs if I can do it you will blitz it. I have one more day in week 4 before I do the exhaustion tests again to let me know what level to start at in week 5 I will let you know where I am when I have done that on Tuesday.
    in the mean time keep it up

  3. Thanks B ... but I got to give the credit to you. I sure appreciate your hospitality and encouragement. I can't wait to fly out to your place and attempt a 35 minute 5K. And if you can nail a 30 minute 5K ... I'll buy the wine at that place on the way back.

  4. It's so great to see you too (B & D) become such great friends!! C25K has even more benefits than we realize sometimes! :)

  5. Thanks, Ellen. You should hop over to the Possum Ridge 5K and blow us both out of the water! It would be nice to meet more C25K forum people in real life.

  6. B ... did I say nail a 30 minute 5K? What I meant was if you nail a 22 minute 5K!!

  7. For some reason I'm not receiving emails when comments are updated - - 22 minute 5K? I can hear the Rocky music now - - -all I need is a firm challenge to get me rolling - - -we'll see how it works out . . .Yippee!!