Sunday, April 18, 2010

L10 Day 7 - Gone with the Wind

"Sure is windy out there, Dave."
"Frankly, Tami, I don't give a damn."

Well ... jumping, bow-legged, peter: I forgot the anti-chafe again.  But, other than that, I had an okay time out there except for the wind - 15 mph with gusts to 25 mph.  Lap 19 was right into it, no trees to help, and it was my slowest quarter-mile.  In all, I went 5.5 miles in 1:10:39.54; which is a 4.7 mph average and my heart rate averaged 149 bpm.  This was my third long run out at the lake and it's interesting to compare it to the others:

After doing the lake (4.5 miles) and a little more, I went the other direction and headed away from the lake for a bit.  When I stopped, I still had a little over a mile remaining to where I've stopped on the Lake Mercer jogs.

Here is the stats and heart rate graph to complete the documentation.  Good run today, and I've stretched and applied ice.  Hopefully, my leg will respond with an okay signal for Tuesday or Wednesday.

200 / 100 / 200

Sit-Ups: 17, 22, 14, 14, 22; Total 89
Push-Ups: 8, 10, 7, 7, 10; Total 42
Squats: 22, 29, 20, 21, 33; Total 125

Before the push-ups were done, my abs were crying again.  You know, that 100/50/100 program is starting to look very attractive.  Jogging is much more fun than these exercises!


  1. Come on Dave I know the push ups are no fun but your almost half way there in the totals now....42 push ups in 5 sets is great...
    You sit ups are increasing as well Your core muscles with thank you and it can only help your running form the benefits will outway the discomfort in the future....stick at it buddy I know you can..

  2. Way to go!! I am happy to hear you have steadily improved on your running.

    And stick with the exercise program. It is tough but you will start to see results.. I promise ;-)

  3. That lake looks like Peter Pan upside down! lol