Friday, April 23, 2010

L10 Day 9 - New Distance Record

Well, folks ... bit off about as much as I could chew today.  I decided to park a mile and change away from Burke Lake and give it a go from there.  This one took a little grit, because the 1.2 miles to Burke Lake was mostly uphill.

I don't think I want to break this distance record (of seven miles!) for awhile.  At 73°, it was mild, but my face was a salt-encrusted mess at the end.  Someone could just rotate a frosted bar glass on my cheeks and, voila, you're ready to pour the Margarita.  Like my last 5.5 mile run, I maintained a 4.7 mph average.

The very last tenth of a mile was a brutal uphill.  It had been part of my warm-up walk on the way out.  But, I was determined to hit that seven mile mark.  As usual, I will include the stats and the heart rate for completeness.

As best as I can figure, there is only 0.39 miles left unexplored.  Maybe someday, I'll run the whole system.  For now I'm going to sit carefully and contemplate further anti-chafe applications.  Until next time.


  1. Once I converted that to something I have a concept of ...over 10KM!! that's awesome. Good on you :)

    You should have no problems with your first 5km race now.