Wednesday, April 28, 2010

L10 Day 11 - New Trail After Lunch

Golly.  I don't know where to start, but I think I'll take it in order.  Today, for the first time, I did a work-based run.  I joined the gym in my office building, which is a free perk.  I runner'd up in the locker room and drove over to the trail I had partially explored last Sunday.  It was 61° with a 23 mph wind, but once I got down around the creek, I was fairly sheltered.  I started off fast, because I just felt like it.  My heart rate shot up into the 170s.  I'm particulalry proud of lap 8, where my max speed was 263 mph - and I did it with a heart rate of 152.  I was in a tunnel at that point, the long Friday the 13th kind of tunnel that goes under I-395.  At that point, I-395 has 9 lanes, 5 shoulders (as there are HOV lanes in the middle). Below is the picture of the first tunnel, before the long one under I-395:

I was going to wimp out at 1.55 miles, but these tunnels were right there begging to be explored.  So, I went through them and kept going.  I ended up running 3.25 miles before I turned around.  And I turned around because I had finished the trail, as far as I could figure.  So, in all, I jogged 6.5 miles (10.46 km).  I really sliced Alexandria, VA a new one!

Here is the stats and the HR.  I like the last three miles best.  The times were 12:00, 11:24, and 11:12.  When I thought about what I was doing, I told myself to keep that cadence chiper.  That really does help.

And now the second part.  I went to Massage Envy today. Throwing caution to the wind, a therapist was selected at random.  This one was strong.  Every now and then she forced a whimper out of me, and then she'd let me relax a couple of seconds.  At one point I asked "Um, what was that??"  Her reply: "It's a trigger point."  Well that certainly fits.  After it was over, I was going to ask her on a scale from one to ten how much did I endure.  But, then I figured I'd be like a middle school boy passing a note in class that reads "Do you like me, check yes or no."  So, I just tipped well and staggered out.  Today's trail was pretty much all asphalt.  So, I think it was a bit tougher on me that usual.  My plan is to heal up for a day or two and then, jog my brains out again.

Oh, and I did today's run pretty quickly after eating Pad Thai for lunch.  And my tummy was happy the entire run.  I forgot the anti-chafe, but didn't care.  I forget once or twice a week, and I might be crazy, but maybe I'm developing nips of steel.  (Or less in the moobs department?)


  1. Hey Dave - back to reading your progress! Wow, you rock! I've been away from it all for the past month. I run about 15 minutes once a week. Having read your threads, I'm jealous and regretting my decline. Life has been busy and I might just start C25K over but only out doors and at a faster pace. I'll let you know how I do. It is really the program that keeps me motivated.


  2. Awesome run! I'm really thinking about getting more into trail running--though here they're largely unpaved trails (aside from our bike path).

    Thanks so much for the Garmin Tech support--many more charts to come on this end! After two runs, I'm already so addicted to this thing!

  3. Hey brother! Frickin awesome . . .later next week I am going to sneak up to Taylorsville and scout out the race route for Possum Ridge . .talk to you soon