Saturday, April 10, 2010

L10 Day 2 - Sleep Jogging

Well, I got good and comfy in this jog, perhaps too comfy.  I went around Burke Lake again and then some, for a total of five miles.  I only averaged a 4.3 mph pace, so it took 1:09:45 to do it.  These are distance and time records, but it was so easy, I don't think there is any point in being melodramatically ecstatic about it.

There were a ton of people on the trail this morning, and there was one section in particular where I must have passed a knot of fifty people.  I'm still fighting my cold.  Actually, I've stopped fighting it ... I'm just living with it as it started dropping down into the chest yesterday.  One time I did such a good farmer blow, I could actually breathe in and out through my nose exclusively.  Anyhow, I pretty much couldn't even hear my own breath today.  Hmmm ... wonder what my heart rate is?

My average heart rate was only 147.  I went a bit faster at the end, and it felt good.  My body was thinking - "okay, after warming up for an hour and seven minutes we can start really jogging now?"

But overall, I pretty much sleep jogged.  As easy as it was, my understanding is that this actually helps me improve my cardiovascular fitness.  I like to think I'm slowly building my potential.  Someday, I'll need to learn how to cash out this investment.


  1. Let's take a month and do one of those charity runs - - the two of us - - true - our 30 day run may get us to Roanoke if we start in D.C. but we will raise awareness man, awareness . . . .for what, we can hash that out later . .awareness man!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shoulda read that post with incense.

    "Awareness dude ... awareness!!" says Dave in the voice of that lead sea turtle in Finding Nemo.

    We can raise awareness for our brothers who have yet to leave the couch.