Monday, April 12, 2010

L10 Day 4 - Another Piece of a Trail System

Today I jogged on a new stretch of trail, just to the East of Lake Mercer, where I've been several times.  It was a very nice trail, a little short at around 1.3 miles, but I would happily run there again.  There isn't anything very steep here, but there is very little that is pancake flat.  Here is a picture from Google Earth:

I decided to do a tempo run today.  I'm not suggesting that I know what a tempo run is, but I wanted some tempo to it.  I didn't want to wind down like a cheap watch.  I wanted to stay consistent like a medium-grade watch.  And, I think I pretty much acheived that:

Mile One: 11:48.93
Mile Two: 12:03.71
Mile Three: 11:59.63
5K Time: 37:00.78

Now, check out the heart rate, and see if you draw the same conclusions:

My average HR for this run was 149.  I know the first 1/4-mile brings down the average, but this is true for most all my runs ... and 149 is low, like arctic low!  And my maximum was only 161.  That means I have the capacity to do more.  Which is good, and a tempo run is just supposed to get you out of your catatonic, comfy pace.  (Which for me is around 4.5 mph).  It's weird in that I felt that I was breathing a little hard, but my heart rate wasn't also headed to Zone 5.  I'm going to have to research that one.

So, in this run I averaged 5.0 mph.  Here's the data:

Now, check out how all the trails I've been running are related:

This is about ten miles of trail - four miles packed earth, six miles asphalt.  I hope I can work this snarl out of my right leg so I can attack this whole trail system before the end of the summer.

200 / 100 / 200

Sit-Ups: It hurt to lay down on the floor, because I really gave my abs hell on the initial test.  In the last set, I was supposed to do at least 14.  I could only do 8.  My abs are just dead! Hurt and dead! [15,18,10,10,8]

Push-Ups: The push-ups killed me - not because my spaghetti arms, but because my abs hurt just keeping my body straight.  I gritted my teeth and made it through.  Last rep called for 5+, I did 7. [6,6,4,4,7]

Squats: Man, these babies burn after a while.  And I could feel the top, inboard chunk of muscle that's over the knees.  The last rep calls for 13+ and I managed 21.  So, there was something to feel good about. [13,16,9,9,21]

In total, W1D1 of the 200 / 100 / 200  netted  61 / 27 / 68

Whew, I don't know what you think ... but I think I've earned an off day!


  1. a busy day of fitness for you then. how about you take the day off tomorrow?

    I did w1d1 of the 200/200/100 today too (just to be different I do my pushups last). It made me realise how feeble I am.

  2. ok well done dave thats a big effort.. why don't you take tomorrow off...
    I always do my push ups first if I didn't I wouldn't do them at all. my week 1 day 1 for push ups was made up of 6,6,4,4,6 and my week 4 day 3 was 16,18,13,13,20
    and my week 1 day 1 for sit ups went 18,10,10,25 and week 4 day 3 went 45,60,45,45,80 so at this point I would have to say the system works.
    I have an exahustion test to do either today or tomorrow so that should be interesting.
    hey Dave catch me if you can on those...I know I would be pushing it to catch you on the

  3. Bravo! I had the same experience last week with my abs (my first week) those 2 days of rest make a difference. Good job amigo! Stay gold, baby!

  4. I just had a whiz bang of an idea - - - at some point in the future - -possibly I could head your way - -and we run the whole trail system in one go of it. . . . .whaddya think?