Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Level Ten

~ Athletic Character Statistics ~

Age: 44
Weight: 194.0
BMI: 27.8
Cholesterol: 121 (Total)
Capability: 40-minute jogs
Speed: 5.0 mph?
Gear: Freakin' Solid!
I'd been flirting with 195 pounds for a couple of days, and I finally dipped below that number this morning.  My long run only had to exceed 3.25 miles, and I crushed that by over a mile.  And my last three jogs have been for over 40 minutes.  I've put a question mark on my speed.  Back on March 28th, I did two miles in 23 minutes which is a 5.2 mph pace.  But, I've been feeling pretty slow lately.  I'll have to see if I can find that speed again.  But, I may wait for the weather to be friendlier.
Here in Woodbridge, the average high temperature for this day is 64°.  And today it is 94°.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be at least that warm, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do in terms of workouts.  I've also got the cold from hell and I'm a little achey (not in a jogger way), but no fever.  So, my plan is to do something.
Since starting C25K on January 23rd, I've lost 15.5 pounds.  And I've only gotten serious about dieting over the past week or so.  Hopefully the magic will keep happening and I can lose another thirty.  I suppose that means I'm one-third of the way there in eleven weeks.  Maybe I can lose the weight in time to pig it up on Thanksgiving!
I think I'll skip the cholesterol measurement in the future, because I don't get it measured very often and because it is good shape.  121 is actually defined as low cholesterol, and my good cholesterol (HDL) is over 40.

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