Sunday, April 25, 2010

L10 Day 10 - Team Aubrianna / Humidity Run

Today I walked for a good cause and got to explore a new trail.  I did the March of Dimes' March for Babies in honor of a co-worker's child, Aubrianna, who was born eleven weeks premature.  She is doing very well now, but there are many babies that are less fortunate.  Nicole, Aubrianna's mom, raised over $3,000, which is pretty good, huh?  Here is Aubrianna's pictures from the NICU to recently:

I've got to say, I felt a bit odd being outside without my Garmin Forerunner on.  And, I was skeptical that we had walked three miles.  Especially in 45 minutes - I have to try to walk 4 miles an hour.

Assuming I clicked in the route we walked, it worked out to 2.4 miles on Google Earth, which implies a 3.2 mph pace.  Much more realisitic.  Of course, this event wasn't about time or distance, it was about a worthy cause.  When we were done, we got Subway sandwiches for free.  And they were yummy.  I was a good guy, and only ate one.

I will definitely explore these trails some more in the near future.  But, this evening it's building my son's presents and going to Massage Envy for my third massage!

~ Evening Update ~

Well, darn darn double-darn.  The massage joint called and whats-her-name was out sick, so I will have to reschedule.  Naturally, I decided to jog instead.  Here were the conditions:

Now, about an hour later, the humidy is 74% ... and I could sure feel it.  My legs were still a bit tired from the seven mile jog on Friday, but I got a 2.5 mile jog out of them this afternoon.  I basically did the composite 5K course, but I didn't do a mile on the track - I just did a quarter mile.

Wow.  I sure hope Kentucky in June isn't humid.


  1. Not as bad as it will get; but worse than what it is now . .a saying of my grandma's - - do you have your Garmin to read every .25 mile ?

  2. Hey Dave--quick question. When you went in to unlock the maps on your garmin, where did you find the product key? I've got the serial number from the back of the watch, but then the number from the back of the disk is labeled as S/N and it says it's invalid when I enter it. Any help would be SUPER appreciated. I hate being bested by technology. Ick.

  3. Nicky, I sent you an email to your msn account where we can hash this out.