Saturday, May 1, 2010

L10 Day 12 - Anatomy of a Crash

Pathetic.  I took forever to get out the door this morning, and I'm not sure why.  Having had 1/2 a Diet Dr. Pepper in the last 13 hours; combined with starting out too fast; along with a windless 83° temperature; and having the mental toughness of an almond ... turns out to be a recipe for a crash.

Mile 1: 10:50
Mile 2: 11:55
Mile 3: 13:44 (included 1:20 of walking)
5K: 37:45
Mile 4: 14:38 (included 3:08 of walking)
Last 1/2-Mile: 6:47

Altogether, I did 4.51 miles in 58:02, which is a 4.7 mph average.  I could have been satisfied with that, but not with the walking in there.  My heart rate wasn't that high, my legs weren't dying, I could breathe.  So, I pretty suffered from crappy decisions and crappy will power.

Oh well, at least I bid adieu to six hundred calories.


  1. Yeah, don't feel too bad about yourself, we all have our bad run days where we just can't seem to get in the groove. Like you said at least you burned 600 calories!

  2. You still got out there and did it!

  3. Hey - - at least there were no jackals or flesh eating zombies - - - pat on the back for pushing through even when you feel crappy . . .

  4. Thanks. I was pretty down about that session. It helps to have the encouragement. It also helps to have a couple of good runs afterwards!