Saturday, May 8, 2010

Max - Workout #1

Today, it was my six-year-old's turn to have a work-out.  We went to the middle school track and Max ran an entire lap.  Then he did the 100 yard dash.  Then he ran another entire lap.  The only real dissapointment is that I couldn't get that heart rate monitor belt on him.  But, he was wearing my Garmin for the laps (see it on his arm above?)

First lap: 2:57.92 (11:52 min/mile).
100 yard dash in 32.94 seconds.
Second lap: 2:56.93 (11:48 min/mile).

Max in his 100 yard dash

Good runnin', little buddy!  When you can do four miles at that pace, you can help your poor ol' Daddy!