Friday, May 21, 2010

L10 Day 22 - Thanks, Ben Brenman!

I treadmilled last night with 1 mile at 7% incline and 1 mile at an 8% incline, then I walked a little bit of a cooldown.  I'm thinking it would be good for the legs to mix in some walking.  But, that treadmill is something of a chore. (45 minutes, 400+ calories)

Anyhow, my plan was to go jogging ultra early today (Friday).  I didn't set the alarm early, because I was confident I would wake up without it.  Sure enough, I did, and at 5 am.  I just ate a South Beach Living peanut butter bar, and headed out the door.  I got to Holmes Run at a few minutes after six.


Just before I started jogging, I realized that this getting up early business had made me forget about doing some personal business.  "No problem", thought I, "after a mile or so I'll forget all about it."  That turned out to be correct until the 2 mile mark, where instead of jogging in place and waiting for a light to change, I did an about face.  No sense in pressing my luck.

But at about three miles, I felt pretty good again.  Having shortened my jog, I steered across a footbridge to Ben Brenman park to find some more mileage. I had been hoping for 6.7 miles this morning.

After about one-half lap around the park, I had a "Houston, we've got a problem" feeling.  Fortunately, this park had the solution, which is the heavenly little building in the upper left corner.  It was a blessed moment when the door turned out to be unlocked!

I hit the lap button so as to fuse the two jogging segments together, as might be noticeable in the heart rate chart below.  This might be a little crass, but I like to think of the first segment as BC and the last segment AD.  That stands for Before Crap and After Dump.

Despite all the adversity and form-killing tenseness, I still managed an 11:40 pace.  The funniest thing is how chipper I was for laps 20, 21, and 22.  All together, I did 5.56 miles in 1:04:55 (5.13 mph, 11:40 pace).  Any max lap speeds about 15 mph indicate when I was in the tunnels.  The temperature ranged from 58° to 65° during the run, and the humidity was crazy 80s or worse.

~ Note to Self ~
Next time this shuttle will not launch unless all systems are go.
(Or have gone.)

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