Wednesday, May 26, 2010

L10 Day 24 - Cool Shades

When it comes to exercise and diet, I'm not very consistent.  For example, I ate a bucket of chicken over the last 24 hours.  But, if there is any constant in this year's journey, it is bling.  After work I picked up my cool shades.  Despite not looking a thing like Jack Nicholson, I know I'm channeling him mentally:

It was fairly miserable out there.  And I'd bet a sibling that the humidity was actually in the seventies.

Accordingly, my plan was to take it easy, and not just because the weather.  I'm taking a long Memorial Day weekend, and I want to get in a nice long jog during that mini-vacation.  So, I want my body and mind to be nice and chipper.  Secondly, I got a couple of miles on concrete this past Sunday and a lot of mileage in the past few weeks, so it's time to dial it back.  I hope to get to a point where I'm less hobbled between runs and/or at the start of runs.

For the first time since receiving my Garmin, I didn't look at it while I was jogging.  I heard it beep every quarter mile, but I didn't look a single time.  My thoughts were "take it easy", "keep an external focus", etc.

I did 3.54 miles at a 4.8 mph pace, average heart rate was 140.  I'm surprised at how fast my first half mile was, given that I was honestly just being comfy.

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  1. I am absolutely seeing it... you do have a Jack look about you with your cool shades on. Do they keep you cool? Because it has been so hot and humid here that I have a new appreciation for what our Aussie friends were running in back in February.

    Props for ignoring the Garmin. I am trying to wean myself from looking too. It is hard to break the habit, though.