Sunday, May 9, 2010

L10 Day 16 - Woodbridge Merry-Go-Round

I designed a new course for today's jog.  And, I've got to admit, I designed a wonderful course!!  This has a bit of everything Woodbridge has to offer.  You've got the busy street of Old Bridge Road - with strip malls, grocery stores, and fast food joints.  Then you've got the major county road with greenery on either side.  Next, you take a spin by some county government buildings, a minor league baseball stadium, and a BMX race course.  All of the sudden you're jogging through an affluent golf course neighborhood.  Then you segue past high-density apartments (or townhomes).  Finally, you're back in the middle-class neighborhood where you started.  It's like jogging around the game of Monopoly.  Or, at least the Woodbridge version of Monopoly.

This course had two major hills.  An 80ft hill on the Northern leg, and a 160ft hill on the final (Eastern) leg.  Each of these hills was over about 1/2-mile.  And they were each steady, consistent hills.

First and foremost: I felt wonderful during the whole jog - even on the hills!  I looked at the first 1/4-mile and didn't know what to think.  For me, starting at 2:40 can mean running out of steam later.  But, I never did.  My breathing was fine.  My eyes were looking straight ahead.  My legs were eating up the terrain like Stephen King's Langoliers.  When I stopped jogging, I didn't even feel that I was walking funny.  I just wanted to do that whole loop again.  Didn't get that runner's high or anything, but I had a super time.  I will definitely be doing this course again!  I averaged 5.1 mph and 148 bpm.  It was 62° and 15-25 mph winds - very windy but my attitude defeated the winds today.  I looked at lap times, but the first time I ever looked at distance or overall time was at 3.86 miles.

I got my wife a flatscreen TV in our bedroom for Mother's Day.  I'm hoping we can order pay-per-view and have some ka-chicka-wow-wow.

I have a trip to Boston this week.  My ambition is to jog in a very awesome park.  Weather permitting, this will happen - please keep your fingers crossed.  I really don't want to miss a jog opportunity while on travel.

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