Wednesday, May 5, 2010

L10 Day 14 - Stepping Stones

Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Pain does not exist in this dojo, does it?
Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?

This is my second time jogging along Holmes Run.  This time, I went through a hilly little neighborhood and re-connected to the main trail.  (Got sidetracked last time.) This new trail had five stream crossings, and I found them to be challenging.  The picture I got off the interwebs will help me explain this:

Those red arrows are pointing to the row of stepping stones, of which there are typically around twenty.  So, that's 100 stepping stones going outbound, and another 100 headed back towards the car.  I did this at a jog, and it was tough because I was looking down, trying to go forward, and the water was going sideways.  I'm so glad I didn't fall in.  I was a regular Daniel-san out there!  I couldn't coast down the hills because I wouldn't be able to do those stepping stones too fast.  Basically, the last two miles of the outbound leg was one hill after another.  Very tough, but good for me - right??

But, no matter how you slice it: I jogged eight miles this morning! This beats my previous record by a full mile.  Didn't feel to speedy today, so I did a 4.6 mph average.  Consequently, it took 1:44:38.59.  My average heart rate was 148.  Nice and comfy in that department, but towards the end my feet were feeling a little squished.  Where you see the high speeds, it's because the long tunnels blocked GPS and the watch penciled in something flattering. :)

I think I'm going to sleep well tonight.  So far, my lower right leg isn't hurting me.  This is unusual.  I've got my fingers crossed that it will feel good when I wake up.


  1. 8 MILES! That's AWESOME! Congratulations, Dave! You sense-ed the heck out of that run, you should be so proud! Hope you sleep well tonight, you deserve it, sir.

  2. Dude you are doing AWESOME!!!... Keep up the great work... you are a great inspiration for those that are a bit slower ;-)