Saturday, May 15, 2010

L10 Day 19 - Kelsey's Crew

On the last Sunday of April, I did my first fundraising/charity walk for the March of Dimes (link).  Today, I involved the whole family in my second fundraising walk - this time for the National Arthritis Foundation.  My company's Chief Operating Officer has a daughter with arthritis.  Thanks to an early diagnosis (18 months), smart doctors, and given that Kelsey is a real trooper - things are looking good.  Kelsey is a teenager these days.

We walked a mile around the Washington Monument, then did a two-mile lap that took us to the Lincoln Memorial and back around the Washington Monument.

I held my daughter's hand most of the way.  After the first lap, she grabbed a bagel.  She nibbled on that thing for a good mile, and on the last mile she started wanting to sit on the park benches. Poor little pooka.  Both Elaine (8) and Max (6) made that entire 5K distance.  Max was wiped!  Strangely enough, my legs felt a bit tired.  I think I'll wait until tomorrow to dial up another jogging session.

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